you’ll never tell me whenever i say or do something wrong. that’s the thing and that’s the reason i’ll never make things right.

you leave me to figure it out on my own, as if i know what went wrong.

mission accomplished

horray bcs everything ended perfectly today eventhough things went a bit out of plan haha so funny but i’ll never forget that look on your face when you saw me right there.

i’m glad it worked out well, i’m glad you loved it and i’m glad i managed to make you feel special and happy today.

thank you close friends who helped me today, couldn’t have done it without the help and encouragement from you guys.

who knows, i might be planning another surprise for your special day next year ;)

happy birthday my love,
happy 11th monthiversary too.
i love you, forever and always.

state of mourning

you lost your beloved pet today, the one that we got together as a gift from me to you. you took care of it, in the best way possible and none of us saw this coming.

but it was for the best, god answered our prayers by taking her to a safer place now. a place where she won’t be suffering anymore. a place where she can finally rest in peace.

i’m trying my best to be there for you bcs i know how much this upsets you. i’m always here for you, always have and always will bcs that’s the least thing that i can do for you.

losing her a day before your birthday must have been really hard for you. i was beyond sad but you must be even more sadder. stay strong my love. she’s in a better place now.

plans and decisions

your birthday is tomorrow. i got a couple of plans in my mind but i’m not sure whether or not it’ll work out the way i want to.

need to make decisions, ask close friends for a favour and let it happen. I want it to be special and memorable to you but i’m not sure if i’m able to do it due to restrictions.



i realise that i need a place to let things out whenever i’m at my lowest point bcs i can’t keep my feelings bottled up all the time or i might explode someday soon or worse i might even turn into someone who i’ll never thought i’ll be thus this place right here shall be a destination for no one else but me to escape from the cruel world.

anyway, hello.